Make Over Your Old Home

Home sweet home! At the end of the day only a glimpse of the home make you so relaxed that you would like to come back to it as fast as possible. Are you not a man of that kind? Oh then it must be the shabby appearance of your home that makes all your dreams dull and disappear. But It is a high time to give a new look to your old home. You must be thinking of budget. With DIY home improvements you just have to invest a little money to mend you’re with a bright look.

Enjoy Your Living Room

Most of the time you rest with your family and friends in the living room itself, now if you are a salaried person you can think of a step by step improvement. The living room is the soul of the home which needs to be dazzled with a trendy look. You can think of a false ceiling with enough lighting. A living room should have wide window panel to make it airy and fresh all time. Make the window your friend with a little accessory like telescope by the side of it. You can think of DIY home improvements stylish living décor in an industrial style. Wooden furniture, cushions, candles floor mattress with textured material all add a different variety to your living room.

Decorate The Walls

The unique décor of the wall of DIY home improvements will add a new story to your living room. You can color the wall and make it painted with various themes you like. For example you can paint nature on your living room wall or you can paint aquatic image. Guests and you too will feel to stay there for a long period of time.


After you are satisfied with the new look of your living room by DIY home improvements you can set the other rooms like kitchen, children room terrace and your bedroom. A home you once pamper will return you back a lot of care with the course of time.

Cost Saving Service For Home Remodeling

Let me give my introduction first, I am Martha and I used to live in a busy city of Manhattan with my husbands and three children. After completing their study my children’s settled down in different cities with new jobs; with time I was growing older and I was really feeling aggravated in the noise of the city. Hence I discussed with my husband and after discussion we decide to move into a nearby village and we thought that if we would rent our house for commercial purpose; it would serve as a great source of income for the family.

Why We Took Help From DIY Home Improvements Service?

But we need to remodel some portion for that as commercial places are quite different from normal home. After we made up our mind we contacted with some home decorating services but their budget was too high to afford. Then my daughter suggested me to go for DIY home improvement services. They provide thousands of ideas through their online sites, even if someone wishes to contact with them for any assistance they also helped online. They offered different home and office decorating items; we got various and vibrant designs and also they help to get a loan for home improvement. From countless sites we selected one, who got numerous good reviews from the reader.

It Is The Best Guide For Home Improvements

From this do it yourself service I got stylish ideas of proper lighting, plumbing and furnishing. That site is really user friendly and each section is clearly distinguished that you don’t have to jumble into different pages. After completing the task we contacted with various farm, and a bank took a lease for 5 years; the branch manager was really contended by the home décor. I was so much impressed by this DIY home improvements service that I also took help from them while decorating our new home and I always recommend my friends and relatives this affordable services whenever someone asked me about home remodeling or home building.

How I Remodeled Home In Short Funds

Last year I visited to my grandmother’s home at Horsforth in West Yorkshire, in our childhood days we used to visit at that village during every summer vacations. I enjoyed lots of joyful moments with my cousins there. But as time passes by we get busy with our jobs, study and for almost 5 years we did not visit that home. My grand pa and grand ma live there with a caretaker. After several years when we planned to visit there again I just jumped out in happiness, thousands of pleasant memories were tumbling into my mind, I was really eager to saw that cottage home again.

DIY Home Improvements Service Is A Great Help To Limited Budget

But alas when we reached at that place we found of that house was completely deteriorated, it was then completely different as I visualized in my thought. Grand pa just mended different portions, but that charm was lost. It just left me heartbroken, from that moment all I wanted to bring it back into its real state. But appointing an interior designer was impossible for me as my budget was constrained. Hence I searched for ideas in the internet; and was surprised to see that there were DIY home improvements services, who shared innovative ideas in their site.

How This Service Helped Me

I signed into the site and took different ideas on flooring, room decorating, painting and exterior decorating. And from time to time they helped me online whenever I contacted with them. I just employed some local workers and to my huge surprise I got huge appreciation from my relatives, whom I invited to show my exertion. But only I knew that all the credit goes to DIY home improvement services, following their illustrated path I just walked on; and they also provided home decorating items in very affordable price.

DIY Home Improvements, Revolutionary Process To Remodel Your Home

Hi I am Cathy Macdonald. Today I am going to share an unforgettable experience with DIY home improvements idea. Two years back I ended up my five years long relationship with my boyfriend. Though it was a mutual break up, but soon I started feeling very depressed all day long. Even when I am in my office, I feel low. I was unable to concentrate on anything. Noticing my uprising depression, my dad finally counseled me and suggested me to do something innovative for my identity enhancement. I took the help of DIY home improvement activities as my way out.

I got to know about do it yourself, in short DIY home improvements from one of my roomies. I spent almost all my teenage at hostel. Miranda, one of my roomies, was a born artist. It was Miranda, who taught me to do up a room with some individual skill. It’s cheap on the one hand and on the other it’s innovative.

My Journey With DIY Home Improvements

Well though like Miranda, I am not a born artist but during my high school days I used to make all my projects on my own. So I had some preliminary concept about this whole new process. I googled over the net to collect some more information about the technique. Finally, after a short research I sailed my ship from the harbor. The next morning I went to a nearby shop and bagged some colorful stuffs, greeting cards, a bunch of small colorful bags, teddy bears etc. I started up with my own room. I stay with my dad and my little Labrador Bruno. When I looked at my bedroom stuffs I found it looked so dull. I decided to remodel them. My first project was a very old raskog.

The Stepping Stone

I decided to paint that old raskog with bright candy orange color and ended up with filling this candy raskog with soft toys, greeting cards, a few magazines and some chic mugs. I placed the raskog beside my bed, and started using this as a bed side table.

I was thrilled. I moved forward with hanging string lights on each corner of my bedroom wall, putting some handmade woolen floor poufs as extra sitting, converting some wooden crates into beautiful wall hanging shelves, display some favorite photos with tiny binder clips and wire- that brought a revolutionary change in my master bedroom.


After this my next aim was to try this out in the rest of rooms. I painted all the doors with some inspirational quotations with colorful crayons, made some fabric works on the curtains, used rugged old clothing stuff to make laundry bag,  painted tin cans to convert them into stylish


Discover A Whole New ‘Me’

My creative works got appreciated by my daddy at first. Then he decided to invite some of our neighbors at our place to exhibit my talent. I was nervous a bit. But I got a huge appreciation from each of the guest. That gets together party started up with utmost curiosity and ended up with a huge number of requests to teach the art.

Even still now when I look back I cannot believe it was me who brought this revolutionary change to my apartment. It was some trivial depression which dragged me towards exploring this new world of art, creativity and techniques. Today, the person whom I want to thank from the core of my heart is my ex boyfriend. I would have been unable to know my talent if he did not break up with me. Well I enjoyed this journey from the grass root point. Now it’s your turn to explore your own skill to remodel your housing with this cost saving DIY home improvements activities.